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CMS Puts Physicians in Their Place

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Many people are not aware of the partnership that exists between the physicians and drug companies. Until I started researching this topic I had no idea that doctors make commission off of the drugs that they prescribe. Did you know? If not, I hope this post sheds some light on a very controversial system that effects […]

5 Medicare Rules You Need to Know

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What is Medicare, and why is it such a big deal? As I am sure most of you know Medicare can be very confusing. This post will break down Medicare and provide you with some basic rules you should know. These rules will help you choose the right coverage that meets your needs. They will […]

The History of Medicare

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Do you know how and why Medicare was created? A lot of people don’t realize that Medicare caused quite a bit of controversy, not unlike the recent debates on The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Fifty-one years ago, Congress created Medicare and Medicaid to completely rebuild health care in America, to ensure seniors […]

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